Michael Monaghan Exhibiton

For Michael, the art of painting is in the exploring of shape, form, texture, perspective and colour with oil paint. A simple, mundane scene is considered and the details revealed in a new light that challenges the cursory glance that people give to them. You get a real sense of the energy that he puts into his work in the rich textural quality on the surface of canvas or wood. He has a natural understanding and skilled use of colour and perspective. An ex steelworker, Michael looks for the dramatic in simple scenes. Michael is influenced by European culture and by music. He sees music as the quickest way to communicate emotional feelings and his paintings are inspired by that emotion. He manages to communicate these emotions to the observer, by building a shared experience through the application of paint. Michael thinks that art should speak for itself and be its own advocate.


May 31 2024 - Jun 22 2024


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Albany Gallery


The Albany Gallery