A New Business Arrives on Glebe Street

Glebe Street welcomes a new business but with a familiar face behind it. 

Cathy, owner of Gifts @ No.9, have opened up a new shop where Gwil’s Emporium once was and it’s already causing quite a lot of attention. The new shop, Knit One Purl One, will be selling everything from wool, needles, buttons and threads, all to satisfy any crafty locals looking to buy some high quality products. 

We met up with Cathy to talk about her new shop, opening this Saturday 11th May and she expressed her excitement for this new venture.

“We started selling wool and other things of that nature in Gifts @ No.9 when Shaws closed, because we saw a need for that kind of stuff. Then when this space became available, I saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market.”

For the past 3 weeks, Cathy has been busy getting ready to open the doors to the public, but has already seen so much interest in the shop.

“While I’ve been readying the space, there have been so many people coming in and out, asking about the new space and have shown how excited they are about it. It’s been so great to see such enthusiasm for it already.”

There’s been a big rise in more creative hobbies since Covid-19, and so this shop might quickly become the place to be for anyone from the crafty novices to the long-time knitters, to find whatever they could need. 

Knit One Purl One will be opening on Saturday 11th May and Cathy invites everyone to come down and have a look around, and she will be offering a 10% discount for anyone who comes along on opening day.