Architect’s Details

Looking back over the 1960 blueprints from the attic of my grandparents’ house, I came across the original architect’s details. There is an overwhelming smell from the azo dye and old vellum that fills the air of my office, and I get choked up thinking of my grandmother in the months before she passed from motor neurone disease. Then I come across the drawing of the breakfast nook off her kitchen, and immediately, I’m ignited with fond memories of sitting here for many hours as a child, doing homework or talking to her with the smell of roast dinners and her infamous apple pies in that very 1970’s formica kitchen.

The house was designed and built by my great grandfather Clarke, an architect and navy engineer. My mother tells me about his eye for detail, and how modern and unusual the house was for its’ time. I find it very special that a simple drawing of something as small as this can have such a profound impact on the lives of so many generations of people. Think of all the meals eaten, newspapers read and conversations had at this breakfast bar.

Step forward 20 years, and I find myself following in the footsteps of a great grandfather I never knew, designing the fabric of spaces that will shape the lives of generations to come. This is the most rewarding aspect of designing houses for a living. There is a very tangible outcome of the hours spent modelling spaces in 3D, detailing drawings, sourcing materials and negotiating with contractors to get it built. You also become very conscious that the decisions you make now are going to have a lasting impact for many years to come, so you had better get it right.

I now own and run Studio 8 Architecture, which is a small but highly resourceful design studio, stemming from my past 10 years’ of experience working for award-winning architects both here and across the pond. The studio takes on projects of all scales and budgets from simple renovations to high-end extensions and new builds, with a focus on refined details, considered use of space and a modern philosophy to design.

Combining the services traditionally offered by architects, interior designers and technicians, the studio can offer a full turnkey design service, integrating every aspect that goes into a built to ensure a seamless and coordinated result from inception through a completion. Get in touch for your free consultation.