Are you a Good Candidate for Fostering? Give it a Try?

Our communities are in urgent need of local people who could offer children in foster care regular weekend visits and emergency overnight stays. There are many different types of fostering, but they all have the same purpose- it’s about providing a loving and supportive home for a child in need.

By providing foster care for a weekend or short holiday, you can support other fosters carers and work with us while we find a long term home for the child. Think of it as sleepovers or even being a part-time foster carer. And a good way to dip your toe in the water of fostering.

Christine and Mike have been approved foster carers for 20 years- this is their story.

“We have the same two children that come every other weekend which gives their full time barer a regular break. It’s a regular commitment that works quite nicely around our other commitments in life.”

By fostering on a part time basis you have more flexibility and the opportunity to balance fostering around your current life. It’s something that you can do alongside working full time and something you can look forward to doing.

“Part time care is a vital part of the fostering family. Foster carers have confidence that their looked after children will be safe, supported, and well cared for whilst they have a break. If you want to help children’s lives without a full time commitment, consider part time fostering.”

Short term care can be a regular routine, or it can be irregular when a child is in sudden need of somewhere to stay. Providing a break for the child or carer/parent is a chance for them to recharge and come back together stronger.

“Mike and I have had many ups and downs on our fostering journey. We have welcomed around 60 or 70 vulnerable children into our home. Some children have been easier than others but building those relationships and gaining the trust of the children, who may have suffered significant trauma, is very important to us. Watching those children move on to a permanent home is incredibly rewarding and we know that our input can make a big difference to their lives.”

If Christine and Mike’s story has inspired you, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a friendly chat-