Come Down To The Sea

A spectacle of circus fun at Penarth next Saturday for the Penarth outdoor arts festival, To The Sea

Spanning from the Penarth town centre down to the pier, on Saturday 16th September the town will be bustling with a wide range of entertainment, from swinging trapeze and tightrope, music, dance, street shows, aerial performances, and then at dusk, a magical tight wire walk. Splatch Productions, working alongside NoFit State Circus, have cultivated an incredible experience for your entertainment. You will be able to enjoy a lovely walk around town to experience the performances, or take advantage of the free bus that will take you down to the pier pavilion.

Make sure you head over to the Esplanade to see Collective Flight Syrcas, The Schmoozenbers, Able Mable, Jack Reese, Trash Cast and the special Esplanade Spectacular, all happening throughout the day starting from 1pm.

Be guided through Alexandra Park with an exciting scavenger hunt. Get ready to see it transformed by installations and promenade performances from 1pm to 2pm. And take part in the scavenger hunt at the top of Alexandra Park to be led through

From 2pm to 4pm you can head down to the beach and get creative by the sea. Get involved in the Leave-No-Trace natural beach art, create an underwater shoal scene and become part of the show with Beach Academy. You’ll also get to se the art of rock balancing with high wire artist Ellis Grover. And at 3:45pm, marvel at the bungee display with Kitsch n Sync Collective and Splatch Productions

As well as all of these spectacular performances throughout the town, there will also be an afternoon of pop-up performance along Penarth pier. Starting at 2pm, you will get to see The Birdhouse Circus, Swing Dance, Dance Blast, Esther Fuge, Eric McGill and Capoeira.

This will be a day to remember. So bring your friends and family along to Penarth’s To The Sea event on Saturday 16th September, and enjoy the wild spectacles of circus acrobatic fun, swinging musical performances and tasty treats.