A Signal Across Space

A Signal Across Space is a 360 virtual reality experience in Welsh and English from award-winning filmmaker Tracy Spottiswoode, together with sound artist Marie Tueje and performers Marega Palser, Mary-Anne Roberts and Gareth Clark.

On May 13 1897, Italian inventor Gugliemo Marconi, working with Cardiff Post Office engineer George Kemp, transmitted and received the first ever wireless signals in Morse Code over open water between Flat Holm Island and Lavernock Point on the coast of south Wales.

It was the beginning of modern communications technology. One of the messages was: “Are you ready?”

Inspired by Marconi’s experiment, A Signal Across Space / Arwydd Drwy’r Awyr takes the audience on a mesmerising, mysterious and dreamlike journey, layered with the history, mythology, language and nature of the area surrounding Lavernock.


Nov 09 - 20 2022


7:30 pm


Wales Millennium Centre