Alex Brown, Colin Carruthers and Christine Baxter Exhibiton

Alex’s use of colour in his painting shows his understanding of the underlying structure of colour in light. He studied at Camberwell School of Art, London, ’84-’87 in Painting. His influences are Cézanne, Van Gogh and Matisse. Using a brush and a palette knife he developed his style as a play between representation and abstraction, with a keen interest in structure. Using colour to create the structure of a vibrant realism and mark-making to explore the language of painting. “A painting can be like a poem, the essence of knowledge and feeling.” “Colour can be subject in itself, not just about a specific of time and place.” “The underlying structure of colour in light and the underlying structure of matter space and form in physics influences my work.” Alex has work in public and private collections in the UK and abroad.

Colin Carruthers is an intuitive painter, sometimes using sketches or photographs as a starting point to his work. He often uses the triptych form to enable him to explore the idea of separate forms being united as one. The significance of light and shade in creating an atmosphere, play an important part in Colin’s work and he is particularly interested in the interplay of light between water and sky. As viewers of art, we tend to naturally focus on an artist’s finished work – but some painting techniques draw our attention to the artist’s process. Impasto is one of these techniques. Colin paints mainly with with oils and acrylics and often works with a palette knife, creating textured surfaces by applying paint to the canvas as thickly as possible. The oil paint dries slowly, allowing him to build layers in which the marks of the palette knife are often still visible – creating interesting and dramatic effects.



Jun 28 2024 - Jul 20 2024


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Albany Gallery


The Albany Gallery