An Audience with S.P.A.F Collective

A special screening of new work by S.P.A.F Collective followed by an artist talk as part of Claude Cahun: Beneath This Mask.

S.P.A.F Collective are a Cardiff-based, Queer, Welsh, Arts Collective comprising of Reg Arthur (Hunk Williams), Kazimir Redraven (Khazi), Aneurin Hughes (Haunted House Jones), and Tom Campbell (Tom).

Having met at Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2018, the group bonded over a shared interest in absurdity, print, queer identity and pop culture. Adopting a DIY approach to making, S.P.A.F aims to preserve and document unofficial folk histories with a focus on authenticity and collaboration.

This event pulls together new work and found footage which exists in the crossroads between absurdism and human compassion. Identity being a central pillar of the group’s work this event will present the ephemera and ooze that connects us to our past and keeps us together while we face an uncertain future.

“We aim to provoke, titillate, repulse, disturb and inspire the masses through the bastardisation of pop culture and subversion of recognisable iconography, often with a politically-minded approach.”- The Boys


Mar 31 2023


6:00 pm


Turner House Gallery, Penarth
Turner House Gallery, Penarth


The Turner House