Cardiff Preloved Vintage Kilo

The affordable way to update your wardrobe! Shop through tens of thousands of unique items and pay by weight, all just £20 per kilo! We have true vintage to contemporary brands so there’s sure to be something for everyone; and with prices starting from just £1 for 0.05kg, you can spend as little or as much as you like!

What’s stocked?

Find items from the 60’s onwards. We have men’s, women’s & children’s clothing plus shoes, bags, belts & small accessories. Items are sorted by category and presented on rails though we’re unable to sort by size, so you’re best just getting stuck in! You can find out more about what type of products we have as well as what brands you might see on our website.

How do I shop?

Grab a bad on entry and get ready to rummage! Add your finds to your bag, removing any hangers as you shop. Use the mirrors to try before you buy and when you’re ready, our till team will weigh your haul and calculate the price at our rate of £20 per kilo. You can read more info about the event on the website.

How does the price work?

Everything is £20 per kilo, though we price in fractions so 0.05kg is just £1, we work out the exact price (no rounding up) do don’t worry about hitting whole kilos!

Certain items are maximum £20 because they’re super heavy, this price cap helps bring the cost down. This includes long Winter coats, sheepskin, wax, leather jackets, faux fur & denim jackets. Shoes & bags are also maximum £10 an item too.


Mar 05 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm




Cardiff City Hall