Headlining Cardiff Children’s Book Week: A. F. Steadman

Headlining Cardiff Children’s Book Week / Wythnos Plant Llyfr Caerdydd: Children’s Author of the Year, A. F. Steadman.

Headlining Cardiff Children’s Book Week / Wythnos Plant Llyfr Caerdydd: Children’s Author of the Year, A. F. Steadman. For the full programme, please head to Cardiff Children’s Book Week / Wythnos Plant Llyfr Caerdydd | Events at Waterstones Bookshops


We’re very lucky to be hosting a Q&A event with Waterstones Children’s Book of the Year winner, A. F. Steadman, to celebrate the release of her heart-racing Skandar sequel, Skandar and the Phantom Rider. Do you have any burning questions about the Skandar universe that you’ve not been able to ask before? Now’s your chance!


Join internationally bestselling debut author A.F. Steadman and hear about her inspirations for her blockbuster hit series SKANDAR – an epic adventure full of bloodthirsty unicorns, sky battles and elemental magical. Skandar and the Unicorn Thief was named Waterstone’s Children’s Book of the Year 2022 and Waterstones Book of the Month in February 2023. The series has been translated in 46+ languages and with a film by Sony Pictures around the corner.

The Q&A will be followed by a signing.

This event is suitable for (but not limited to) children aged 8-12.

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief:

Soar into a breathtaking world of heroes and ferocious unicorns in this first book in the hotly anticipated fantasy adventure series for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Amari and the Night Brothers.

Thirteen-year-old Skandar Smith has only ever wanted to be a unicorn rider. To be one of the lucky few selected to hatch a unicorn. To bond with it for life; to train together and race for glory; to be a hero.

But just as Skandar’s dream is about to come true, things start to take a more dangerous turn than he could ever have imagined. A dark and twisted enemy has stolen the Island’s most powerful unicorn – and as the threat grows ever closer, Skandar discovers a secret that could blow apart his world forever…

Get ready for unlikely heroes, elemental magic, sky battles, ancient secrets, nail-biting races and ferocious unicorns, in this epic adventure series that will have your heart soaring.

Skandar and the Phanton Rider:

The Island shall have its revenge…

Skandar Smith has achieved his dream to train as a unicorn rider. But as Skandar and his friends enter their second year at the Eyrie, a new threat arises. Immortal wild unicorns are somehow being killed, a prophecy warns of terrible danger, and elemental destruction begins to ravage the Island.

Meanwhile, Skandar’s sister, Kenna, longs to join him – and Skandar is determined to help her, no matter what. As the storm gathers, can Skandar discover how to stop the Island tearing itself apart – before it’s too late for them all?


Jul 24 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


The Hayes