Learning to Fly by James Rowland

A new show from master storyteller James Rowland featuring a captivating mix of theatre, comedy and music.

Learning to Fly tells the story of the remarkable friendship that lonely, unhappy teenage James made with the scary old woman who lived in the spooky house on his street.

It’s about connection, no matter what the obstacles; about love’s eternal struggle with time; about music and its ability to heal.

It’s also about her last wish: to get high before she dies.

Uplifting, big hearted and hilarious, this show is James’ first since his acclaimed Songs of Friendship trilogy.

Captivating… a generous, deepening hymn to friendship”. Sunday Times ★★★★

James is best known for his Songs of Friendship trilogy – Team Viking, A Hundred Different Words for Love and Revelations – which won significant critical acclaim, touring the UK and internationally for four years, before being published by Oberon Books. All featuring his captivating mix of comedy, music and storytelling, James’ shows have successfully toured to both remote rural locations and leading regional theatres.


Sep 08 2022


7:30 pm - 8:40 pm




Chapter Arts Centre


Chapter Arts