Penarth Literary Festival- Isabelle Schuler: Lady MacBethad

Join actress, former bookseller and now writer Isabelle Schuler as she talks about her impressive historical debut, Lady MacBethad- a suspenseful tale of love, lust and revenge, which reimagines the life of Gruoch- the Scottish queen who inspired one of Shakespeare’s most famous characters…

Power. History. Love. Hate. Vengeance. She will be Queen. Whatever it takes…

Daughter of an ousted king. Descendant of powerful druids. Destined to take her place in history. As a child, Gruoch’s grandmother prophecies that she will one day be Queen of Alba and reclaim the lands of her Pictish kin. When, many years later, she is betrothed to Duncan, the heir-elect, the prophecy appears to come true. Determined to never to be as powerless as her parents, Gruoch leaves behind her home, her family and her friend MacBethad, and travels to the royal seat at Scone to seal her fate.

But when a deadly turn of events forces Gruoch to flee Duncan and the capital, Gruoch finds herself at the mercy of an old enemy. Her hope of becoming Queen all but lost, Gruoch does what she must to survive, until she is given a choice: live a long, peaceful life but fall into obscurity, or seize her chance for vengeance and a path back to the throne.

The electrifying story of love, ambition, revenge and murder behind a real life Scottish queen.

Isabelle Schuler is a Swiss-American actress, writer and former Waterstones bookseller. She has a BA in Journalism and her screenplay Queen Hereafter was longlisted by the Thousand Films Screenwriting Competition in 2019. In 2020, Schuler adapted Queen Hereafter into her debut novel, Lady Macbethad. She lives in Hertfordshire.


Jun 21 2024


7:30 pm




Turner House Gallery, Penarth
Turner House Gallery, Penarth


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