PhotoRenga are visual poems inspired by an ancient form of Japanese poetry called *renga*, in which sequences of short *haiku* verses construct complex and profound poems. The beauty of the PhotoRenga idea is that anyone with a digital camera can take part in the workshops we run, and work together to create beautiful, collaborative, new artworks.

Everyone takes photographs and chooses just one to pass on to someone else in the group. You the use the image you get as the staring point for your next picture, and so on…Chains of images form visual poems. There are no fixed starting points, and the PhotoRenga can go in any direction the group chooses.

This workshop is a refreshing creative boost for photographers, artists and creatives at any level. It is a way for you to experiment, explore and collaborate to create new photopoem sequences. We encourage participants to use their own digital cameras (but we do also have cameras we can loan for the workshop just let Turner House know).

We suggest you wear suitable clothing for any weather as the workshop will take place both indoors and outdoors! If you have your own digital camera please let us know whether it takes SD or CF cards. We suggest that you bring water and a packed lunch with you- we will provide snacks and refreshments. Please let us know of any dietary requirements or allergies.


Apr 06 2024


10:00 am




Turner House Gallery, Penarth
Turner House Gallery, Penarth