Expanding Horizons: Teaching Spanish and French in Penarth

In Penarth, a language-learning frenzy is sweeping across all age groups. Juliette, a dedicated Spanish teacher, has been catering to the demand for language education by teaching nearly 70 children weekly. Now, expanding her reach to adults’ Spanish classes and adding children’s French to the mix, she is creating a multilingual haven in the town.

Juliette has been teaching Spanish in primary schools in Penarth for over four years now. The demand to learn the Spanish language has been huge and she enjoys teaching nearly 70 children per week.

In a new venture launched in February, she teaches Spanish to adults, sharing her love for the language and culture. The classes have been a huge success, prompting her to launch more this coming September. Beginner and more experienced options are available.

Adult classes with Language For Fun (www.languageforfun.org/find-a-class/spanish-for-fun-in-penarth) provide an informal and engaging learning experience. Held in local cafés and bars, these classes prioritise a fun and relaxed environment while teaching Spanish. Participants enjoy expanding their vocabulary, practicing conversations, and making new friends in a social setting.

Juliette’s younger and older learners alike are having fun and gaining confidence while learning the beautiful Spanish language.

Due to high demand, a new French club will run in Penarth primary schools. After-school classes will be offered for secondary school students and those unable to attend during school hours.

The benefits of learning a language are innumerable. It enhances cognitive abilities, broadens cultural understanding, and also opens doors for career opportunities and facilitates easier communication while travelling. Additionally, it boosts confidence, promotes multicultural connections, and stimulates personal growth. So, whether you fancy a new challenge, would like to make travel easier and more enjoyable or would like to simply meet like-minded people whilst having fun, contact Juliette on 07766 811 725 or email at juliette@languageforfun.org.