Meet the Owner Behind Penarth’s Exciting New Business

Penarth resident Matthew O’Brien is bringing his unique style of cooking to his new business Matty’s BBQ Chop Shop. We spoke to Matt about his inspiration and exciting plans for the new year. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to open up Matty’s BBQ Chop Shop.

I’m Matty and I own Matty’s BBQ Chop Shop, a home cooked BBQ pop up takeaway. I live in Penarth and am selling food inspired by all different types of food from different cultures of BBQ. I’ve been cooking for about 18 years and friends and family have always said ‘you should sell this’ so I’ve taken the plunge and here we are!!

Bacon Greens

What makes your business unique?

I’m also a musician and have traveled all over and my love of music and food goes hand in hand. I’ve seen lots of different cultures of food and I try to bring them all together. We are working on a seating area right out of 50s America hoping to have this open in the new year.

Most BBQ follow a certain type (Texas, South Carolina, Korean etc..)I mix lots of different flavours and techniques hence the ‘Chop Shop’.

Why do you customers come to you?

They want to try some good food and I think BBQ is missing from Welsh food world.

Pig Mac, £10

What inspires your dishes?

Music, food and different cultures.

What are your plans for 2024?

I would like to open twice/3 times a month and have the seating area for customers to enjoy my food. I would like to work with local Welsh businesses to get the best local produce I can. 

Pork tray, £20 (Pulled pork, smoked greens, Dr pit beans, Korean BBQ ribs, burnt belly and pickles)

Do you have any highlights since opening?

Selling out in 2 days opening day was definitely a highlight.

For someone’s first time ordering from you, what would you recommend?

I recommend the tray it has a bit of everything in it. And don’t skip on the puddings!!

Check out what’s on offer below

If you want to find out more about Matty’s BBQ Chop Shop, you can check out his Instagram, or feel free to drop him an email at