Space Quest

Studio 8 Architecture explores ways of creating dedicated home offices, and how garden rooms can be an excellent solution to our quest for more space at home.

Studio 8 Architecture is owned and run by Architectural Designer, Tom Wakeman. Since setting up the practice in Penarth in 2021, Tom has focused on his passion for house extensions, renovations and small, well-formed spaces.

There has been a growing new, dedicated space at home for working, making, or just spending more time with the family, and the studio has has a number of enquiries about garden rooms.

Chances are, if you work from home, you’re either crammed into a spare room in an undesirable corner of the house, or battling with the noise and distractions at the kitchen table. If you have the budget and inclination to extend your house, convert your loft, or alter your layout, that is definitely a worthwhile endeavour, and Studio 8 can certainly help in that department, but if you don’t have you considered a garden room?

These humble structures can often be the answer we’re looking for on our quest for more space at home, whether it be an office, annex or workshop. If you dream of strolling down the garden to your own little world, surrounded by nature and free from noise and distraction, look no further…

Garden rooms can be virtually any shape, size or style. Imagination is the limit. Many companies now offer prefab structures, which can be a quick, convenient solution, but often come with a price tag and won’t be best tailored to your space or needs. Working with an architect or designer to create your own ideal garden rooms will ensure you get the most elegant solution for your space and the most bang for your buck.

A substantial, well-designed structure with proper foundations, a good level of insulation and a heat pump system will be an efficient, comfortable space all year round, with low running costs and be a major selling point if you ever come to sell your house.

Another aspect to consider is whether you need planning permission or building control consent. This very much depends on the size, location and purpose. If you are in a conservation area, your building will contain a bedroom or plumbing, or be visible from the street, it most likely will, but every case is different- no size fits all.

If you have a project in mind, or are unsure where to start and want some ideas about how to go about designing a space to meet a specific purpose, get in touch for free consultation.