The 2023 Sp-Ring Exhibition at Anne Morgan Gallery is a Rare Opportunity to Experience the Best in Contemporary Jewellery Design

Anne Morgan Jewellery is known for curating and exhibiting the best talent in contemporary jewellery design. The gallery has successfully established itself a destination for jewellery lovers everywhere, building on its reputation for curating, exhibiting, and championing handmade works by designers with exceptional artistry.

Since the gallery opened in 2015, some of the most celebrated names in jewellery design have take part in the annual Sp-Ring exhibition, contributing their most innovative pieces to a collection that draws attention throughout South Wales and beyond. And 2023 is no exception.

This year the exhibition features fresh new talent alongside some returning artists. Join us as we welcome Ciara Bowles, Cindy Ashbridge, Clare Chandler, Hannah Bedford, Kathryn Hinton, Kostadinos Karanikas, Goodman Morris, Elird, Ami Pepper and Anne Morgan.

The exhibition launches on 7th March and will run until 10 June 2023. Pieces will be on show and available for purchase at the gallery at 10 Glebe Street, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, every Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.

With rings that feature some of nature’s most beautiful gemstones; colourful tourmalines, heavenly sapphires & regal rubies, set in buttery 18ct yellow gold or contrasted with a halo of salt-and-pepper diamonds, this Sp-Ring, Anne Morgan Jewellery brings you a celebrated of creative & uniquely crafted pieces curated just for you.