The Everywoman Festival is Back for 2024!

The Everywoman is back for it’s second year and it promises to be bigger and better than before. We spoke to Julie Cornish, a Colorectal Consultant Surgeon who set up the festival to find out more about what we can expect from this exciting event.

The Everywoman festival was set up after Julie hearing the stories of women who have struggled for years symptoms that they just thought were normal. “The aim of this is to educate women about what is normal and to know when is time to see a medical professional.” Julie expressed that this event isn’t a wellness festival but an educational and safe place for women to learn about their health and wellbeing. Julie has invited doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists and other health professionals to “educate, empower and support women and girls across a wide range of health conditions.”

There will be 6 tents with talks covering topics including menopause, cancer survivorship, sexual health, IBS, endometriosis, mental health and many more. “We want to teach women about self-management, learning to understand you body and where and when to go for help.”

And it isn’t just talks going on throughout the day, the Everywoman Festival will also have a selection of more than 80 practical workshops and support groups along with music and drop-in art sessions for people to enjoy. Artists, authors and musicians will be coming in from all over to help spread the word about women health, including illustrator Hazel Mead, founder of Domestic Dusters Vanessa Marr, feminine artist Melin Ado, Naseem Syed and many more.

There is so much to enjoy at this upcoming event and the organisers have created a space that really is for every woman. “Pulling together health professionals and artists of all different cultures and communities, meaning that every woman can gain something from this festival.”

So if you’re looking to learn more about your body, to discover what is ‘normal’ and to learn and discuss your health and wellbeing, whatever your there for it couldn’t be more perfect event for you. This years’ festival will be hosted at the Insole Court, Cardiff on the Saturday 15th June from 10:30am to 6pm.

Tickets cost just £20 (youth tickets £10), so get yours now at!