A Guide to the Renting Homes Act 2022

The Renting Homes Act has brought the most significant changes to housing legislation in Wales in decades. Effective from 1 December 2022, this law has revolutionised the way landlords rent their properties and how we manage and live in rented homes in Wales.

Here are some crucial dates to remember:

Written Statements

Tenancy agreements are no more in Wales. All tenants are now contract holders. As a landlord, you have until 31 May 2023 to convert your existing agreements into a converted statement, known as Occupation Contracts.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

All new Occupation Contracts after 1 December 2022 require an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which is valid up to five years. Existing tenancies have until 30 November 2023 to obtain a valid EICR for their property.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

From 1 December 2022, all properties in Wales are required by law to have Carbon Monoxide alarms. A CO alarm must be present in any room that has a gas, oil or solid fuel-burning appliance installed by the landlord.

Smoke/Heat Alarms

Mains powered and interlinked smoke detectors are mandatory for any new Occupational Contract after 1 December 2022. Existing tenancies have until 30 November 2023 to instal the alarms on all floors of the property.

What do these changes mean for landlords?

For landlords, the contracts should be easier to use and if a property is abandoned by a tenant, you will not have to wait for a court order to repossess the property. Although contracts will effectively be for 12 months, landlords can still evict a tenant with a month’s notice if the tenant’t breach of contract relates to anti-social behaviour or serious rent arrears.

What do these changes mean for tenants?

(1) Clarity on rights and responsibilities included in the new contract.

(2) The new contracts effectively gives a guarantee of a minimum 12-month let.

(3) The new contracts make it easier to add/remove other tenants.

(4) ‘No fault’ eviction timings will increase from two months to six months.

(5) Increased protection from ‘retaliatory’ eviction.

These changes may seem daunting but Watts & Morgan are here to help ensure that your property is compliant ahead of the new rules becoming law. Contact our Penarth office and we will help ensure you get all the advice you need for renting your property.