All I Want For Christmas Is…An Effective Detox?

So whilst Mariah Carey and co. are dreaming of a seasonal period filled with mulled wine and chocolates, we all know that short period is followed by the dreaded January. The time where we make empty promises and a series of dramatic changes, particularly when it comes to our diet.

Veganuary for me this year- a detox to start the year off right.”

“I’ll do Dry January- that’ll be a good detox.”

“I’ll get Christmas out of the way and it’ll be Detox January for me!”

These are phrases we’ve either said or heard over the years. Are you really helping your body by doing this? Are you actually detoxing? Or is Detox January just a marketing ploy?

The reality is quite simple. We need to be detoxing every day. If we’re not detoxing, we can’t have a healthy body. But, how can we effectively detox? Here, I highlight some simple steps you can take to detox optimally.

Simple Swaps

Ideally, we shouldn’t be putting those nasty toxins in our body. However, let’s be realistic, it is impossible to totally avoid toxins, but there are changes we can make to ensure we’re avoiding a lot of nasty ones! These aren’t limited to the foods in our diet. Toxins can also be found in common household products!

It’s time to look at those ingredients and opt for less toxic options:

  • fluoride-free toothpaste
  • aluminium-free deodorant
  • cast iron, bamboo, ceramic, glass or enamel pots and pans instead of the aluminium in your cupboard
  • essential oils instead of your usual bubblebath
  • washing-up liquid and detergents- there are much friendly versions available
  • opt for organic food as much as you can- this means that they’re free of insecticides, hormones and antibiotics. It’s our bodies which have to detox whatever nasties have been sprayed or fed to our food
  • swap to drinking filtered water


There are many strategies which help the body’s ability to detox including:

  • sauna
  • epsom salt bath
  • colonic hydrotherapy
  • vegetable juicing

Certain supplements are crucial to ensure the liver’s detox pathways are working e.g. Vitamin C, Vitamin B, glutathione and phosphatidylcholine.

Look After Your Gut

The best strategy for your guy is to start reducing your sugar intake. Reduce until it is at zero. Remember: any ingredients ending with ‘-ose’ means sugar! This would be sucrose, maltose, fructose, glucose, or lactose. Replace the sugar with:

  • vegetables, especially your greens
  • good fat avocado, salmon, nuts, etc.
  • fibre, wholegrain, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, peas and legumes

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is know as the time where we think of others, and in this spirit, perhaps the best thing you can do for your friends and family when present and food shopping this Christmas is to look at the ingredients list of everything. The gift of health is priceless!

Feel More You

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