Bonnie & Clyde: A Review

“This world will remember us!”

Two young people from a small town in Texas dream of having their names remembered throughout history. Craving adventure and a life that doesn’t stand still. This is the story of the infamous criminal duo- Bonnie and Clyde.

I was lucky enough to be invited to come and review Bonnie & Clyde at the Wales Millennium Centre and I was blown away by this performance.

This musical has been on my list for quite some time so I was very excited to finally get to see it. But although my expectations were high, I was far from disappointed. This show, from the very start, launches you into 1934, sweeping you up in the world of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. 

Photo Credit: Richard Davenport

Taking on the role of the famous Clyde Barrow is no small task. This role is a demanding one. But Alex James-Hatton commanded this stage and embodied the infamous character so perfectly, while also adding his own dimension to the role. He wasn’t just the stone cold criminal everyone thought. James-Hatton brought out the charming, funny and sometimes boyish side to the character, that led the audience to fall in love with a thieving murderer. And James-Hatton’s voice left the audience with goosebumps. His performance of ‘Raise A Little Hell’, was a particular favourite.

Photo Credit: Richard Davenport

And who could forget his ‘ravishing red headed’ partner-in-crime, Bonnie Parker, portrayed by Katie Tonkinson. Tonkinson’s performance was incredible, her talent blew the audience away. Her rendition of ‘You Love Who You Love’, was particularly powerful. Seeing Bonnie transform from a small town waitress, dreaming of being an actress, to a hardened thief willing to die by her lover’s side, left the audience with an equal feeling of wonder and sympathy. Katie Tonkinson and Alex James-Hatton swept us up in their intoxicating whirl-wind romance, and their chemistry on stage only made the show even better. 

Photo Credit: Richard Davenport

Another special mention has to go to Catherine Tyldesley as Blanche Barrow and Sam Ferriday as Clyde’s brother, Marvin ‘Buck’ Barrow. Alongside their somewhat saddened story, they provided a surprisingly comic relief at times and soon became audience favourites. In songs like ‘You’re Going Back To Jail’, they really showed off their talents. 

The rest of the cast, Jaz Ellington as the Preacher, Daniel Reid-Walters as Ted Hinton, Jasmine Beel as Emma Parker, Andrew Berlin as Captain Frank Hamer, Oonagh Cox as Eleanore, Alexander Evans as Harry Barrow/Deputy Johnson, Callum Henderson as Bud/Archie, Lauren Jones as Trish, James Mateo-Salt as Sheriff Schmid, Taryn Sudding as Cumie Barrow/Governor Miriam Ferguson and Swing Nate Landskroner, each showed off their talents in creating the around Bonnie and Clyde, and helped make this show so powerful. 

Photo Credit: Richard Davenport

This show was everything I hoped it would be. With the incredible score, including songs such as ‘Picture Show’, ‘This World Will Remember Us’, ‘How ‘Bout A Dance’, ‘When I Drive’, ‘You Can Do Better Than Him’ and ‘Too Late To Turn Back Now’. The heavy 1930’s musical influences and the incredible set and costume by Philip Witcomb, pulled the audience into the story from the very start. And the use of the visual effects, especially the use of real photos and news clippings, made this show into something truly special.

Photo Credit: Richard Davenport

If you’re looking for a night of love and adventure then this is a show you can’t miss. 

Bonnie & Clyde will be at the Wales Millennium Centre until the 30th March and tickets are selling out fast so get yours now!

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All photo credits to Richard Davenport