Bridging Continents in the Classroom

Revolutionary Global Classroom connects students in Penarth, Singapore and Sydney

For 127 years, Westbourne has led the education landscape in the UK, ranked 1st in the UK for 5 consecutive years (Daily Telegraph), and voted No.1 IB Sixth Form. And now, with the launch of Westbourne College Singapore, and their Sydney school topping the Australian league tables after only a year, Westbourne is a centre of academic excellence driving the future of global education. Head of School, Miss Joanne Chinnock, explains more about the global rise of one of the UK’s most successful schools.

Nurturing Leaders of the Future

At Westbourne, our mission across all our schools is to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. Global issues such as climate change, political instability and the rise of digital technology have made the world
a more complex place, requiring leaders who can think globally and act locally. We equip our students with the skills they need to make a positive impact, armed with the knowledge, network and confidence to make a difference.

We’re proud to be the world’s first truly global network of IB schools. The difference is that our students work together globally, collaborating on projects and engaging in dynamic discussion and debate across continents. They learn about different cultures and ways of thinking, developing a deep appreciation for diversity and an ability to solve complex problems.

Cutting-edge Technology

Over the past few years, Westbourne has been recognised for an innovative use of technology to enhance the way students learn, and in 2023 we were honoured to win the Global EdTech Award for Digital Transformation. Our use of tech allows students in Penarth to connect with their peers in Sydney and Singapore, working in real-time to share insights and best practices — and that’s quite unique.

Technology not only enlivens group learning — it supports students to reach their fullest potential on an individual basis too. The latest AI technology allows every student to supplement their classroom learning, accessing limitless resources for research and independent study, supported by our expert teachers every step of the way.

The IB Diploma Advantage

Our trump card is the IB Diploma — offered at Westbourne as an alternative to the standard single subject A Level. Globally renowned as the “gold standard in Sixth Form education”, IB students benefit from a broader range of subjects, complemented by an enriching inner core comprising the Theory of Knowledge, community projects, and the writing of a university- style extended essay that gives them a head-start in university applications. With a growing number of Russell Group universities prioritising the recruitment of IB students for their advanced research and study skills, we’re seeing the popularity of the IB continue to soar at Sixth Form.

The success of our approach is evident in the outstanding achievements of our students. 90% of Westbourne graduates gain entry to prestigious universities around the world, including the elite Russell Group and international equivalents. Pursuing careers in fields such as engineering, medicine, law and business, they are poised to make a transformative impact not just in this country, but around the world.

“The two years I spent at Westbourne were amazing. What I enjoyed most about the IB Diploma was writing my Extended Essay, because you have an opportunity to write about a topic that you feel passionate about. it enhanced my university research skills.”- IB Student Gevin

“Westbourne was a life-changing experience for me. It showed me a new approach to life and independence as a person.”- IB Student Munachimso