Bring Them to the Table

Our emotions play an integral role in our health as a whole. You may have noticed that:

  • you blush when you’re embarrassed?
  • your heart pounds when you’re frightened?
  • any bad news can turn your systems into turmoil too (e.g. you can’t face food)

Our emotions and health are entwined to each other. A bout of physical ill health can occur after an emotional event in someone’s life. Upset and trauma can’t be avoided in life, however, how we manage our emotions can impact our overall health and wellbeing. With this is in mind, it is imperative that we become conscious of our feelings, acknowledge and release them, freeing us from further damage to our physical and emotional health.

There are a number of effective methods that can be used, that will allow you to take control of your emotions including;


This is a wonderful process of managing and releasing our emotions. It is about living in the present moment and not being lost in though of the past or future. It is about becoming aware, watching and observing the present moment without guilt or judgement. You stop and observe your body, your mind, your feelings and the way you interact with yours. Doing this means you start to notice pain, discomfort, strengths and weaknesses. It means you notice when your muscles tighten, when you ‘change the subject’ in a conversation, or when you start to fidget. When these are brought to your consciousness, you’re able to confront and release these old patterns of thoughts and behaviours.

Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a combination of ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology and is a way of releasing fears, thoughts and memories. EFT helps to clear the emotional trauma and its negative experiences. There are many videos online for you to observe and many online communities are vocal about this treatment.

What happens when we ignore these feelings and emotions?

It is not acceptable or always easy to show some emotions of course, such as anger. Such a feeling can debilitate our energy and lead to ill health. Ignoring emotions will have a knock-on effect on our physical health. Whilst we might wish to ‘brush our emotions under the carpet’, unfortunately, this form of denial only leads to further negative impacts on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Taking control of your emotions with my assistance

My treatment plan will focus on detoxification, nutritional balancing, diet, as well as a focus on emotional balancing. This tailored treatment will allow us to identify the root cause of your emotional distress, and enable you to employ effective treatments for long term physical and emotional wellbeing.