Cake by the Lake

Spring is arriving, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the swans will soon be nesting. Roath Park is particularly beautiful at this time of year as we see signs of life starting to reappear. I decided to embrace a recent sunny day by taking a stroll and enjoying a delicious vegan cake by the lake.

Waterloo Tea is a staple of the local area and Cardiff as a whole. They have always had a fantastic range of vegan food and tasty treats and recently revamped their menu. My eyes were immediately drawn to the newly introduced sticky toffee cake and I knew that this was the dessert to enjoy up by the lake on my walk.

For a long time it was rather challenging to find a new vegan dessert to enjoy but now we are blessed to have plenty of vegan options appearing in independent venues and chains alike.

Wellfield Road has the likes of Green & Jenks, Blossom, Luna’s Vegan Corner, Coffee #1 and Waterloo Tea amongst others that all have fantastic plant based baked goods to enjoy. To say I was not tempted to gorge myself on all of their offerings would be an understatement.

My walk up to the lake was as enjoyable as ever, being amongst nature always boosts my mood, and it’s important that we continue to protect and maintain our city’s green spaces. I found a bench to sit on by the lake to enjoy my cake. It was the perfect cake for a reasonably chilly day as it had a nice warmth from the spices which complimented the sweetness very well. The cake itself was quite light which was pleasant as sticky toffee cake can often be quite dense and stodgy. I would highly recommend getting some next time you’re near a Waterloo Tea.

After indulging myself with the cake, I decided to channel my inner Mary Poppins and feed the birds- it’s only fair that they get a tasty treat too. Spring is a time for new beginnings, so why not try one of the many delectable vegan cakes you can find in the local area next time you’re out and about.