Design Studio Cardiff- The Specialist Interior Design Studio

Design Studio Cardiff is a specialist interior design studio that conceptualises, realises, supplies, and installs exceptional living spaces.

At Design Studio Cardiff, we don’t just create spaces- we transform them. As a team of designers with decades of experience, we bring to life extraordinary living and commercial spaces that others might not even dream of. We promise to fire your imagination with our bold and unique designs.

Our unique designs will eliminate confined beliefs, literally taking down walls, moving electric sockets, relocating plumbing, and offering a variety of new and extensive solutions. We have crafted unique projects that have accentuated quaint cottages, offered modernised industrial appeal, and conducted contrast to create stunning finishes.

Located in the heart of South Wales, Design Studio Cardiff specialises in bespoke interior design for kitchens, bedrooms, and beyond. We tailor each project to fit your unique needs with innovative storage solutions and custom designs.

No matter the size of your project, we offer flexible budgets and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our dedicated Cardiff team delivers personalised service and top-notch design, ensuring your dream space becomes reality.

Working with outstanding quality and leading brands, we are able to inform you on the latest trends and appliances, proposing new materials and demonstrating innovative ways of achieving concepts.

Meet the Team

Kayla (left), Steve (middle), Claire (right)

Kayla has a first-class honours degree in Interior Architecture. Working at Design Studio Cardiff has allowed her to develop and expand her design skills into the kitchen industry. Taking a client’s brief, identifying their requirements and producing a design is what she enjoys most.

Steve has been in the kitchen industry since 1979, and he has a passion for thinking outside the box. In his 45 years of experience, not only has his knowledge for kitchen design developed but also his understanding of lighting, technology and lifestyles. His practical outlook on ergonomic design enables him to produce amazing spaces that just work.

Claire’s love of cooking and baking has led to her in-depth understanding of different cooking techniques. She enjoys researching the next interior trends and accessories in order to inspire clients with their latest projects.

Contact us to find out more about our services and to book a consultation. Our clients will tell you that our services are of the highest quality and personalised to every home.

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