Discover Your Home’s Potential

Studio 8 Architecture specialises in finding the unlocked potential in every space, big or small, old or new, and putting it to the best possible use.

Studio 8 Architecture is a small Penarth-based studio run by Tom Wakeman, specialising in considered, carefully designed spaces of all shapes and sizes. Any renovation or extension to your house is a journey of discovery, of discovering new ideas and materials you might not have thought of, a view you didn’t know you had, or a beautiful light-filled space where once there was darkness.

In good design, no space is wasted space, and the starting point for every project is to step back and identify where space could be used best within the bounds of practicality and where potential is lacking. Everything else after that falls into place. In small spaces, integrating storage and utility, and minimising waste, can make your living space larger. In large expansive spaces, these need to be broken up into functional areas, or your attention needs to be drawn to the most remarkable aspects, be it a view, a fireplace or the surrounding landscape. Make the most of that vista with a window seat you can sit on and enjoy it from.

Over the years, Tom has worked on all manner of projects, from small low-budget bathrooms and kitchens, to large high-end extensions, annexes and garden rooms, historic buildings and terraced houses. Every project will have a different budget and specification, but the same principles apply to every situation:

(1) What do we want to use this space for, and what needs to go in it?

(2) What approach is most practical and suited to the building?

(3) What is the most economical way of achieving the outcome?

Architecture is about making space work hard for you, and making it beautiful at the same time. It should be challenging. The more challenging it is, the better the outcome should be. If you have a project in mind, no matter what the budget, or how overwhelming it may seem, get in touch for a free consultation to discuss.