Disney’s Aladdin: A Review

You ain’t never seen a show like this!

Aladdin is a whole new world of theatre magic and I was lucky enough to be invited to come and review it at the Wales Millennium Centre last night. And just like the rest of the audience, I was blown away!

It’s the story we all know and love and it’s taking to the stage once again on their UK tour. A story about the power of love, friendship and the discovery of what’s truly important. Follow Aladdin through this beloved tale and experience the magic of this unforgettable performance. 

This show is simply phenomenal. From the very first note you are pulled into the magical land of Agrabah with stunning and elaborate sets by Bob Crowley, brought further to life by the incredible talent of the costume designer Gregg Barnes. Together, along with the rest of the creative team, they bring Agrabah to life.

Photo Credit: Dean Van Meer

Taking on such iconic roles is a daunting task and it was one of the things I was cautious about before watching this show. Would they be able to recreate the love for the characters we grew up with? But by the end of the first number, I had no doubts of the sheer talent of this cast. Gavin Adams takes on the role of Aladdin. His cheeky, loveable performance won the hearts of the audience, and added an exciting energy into the show. And joined on stage by the infamous beautiful, strong-willed princess Jasmine, portrayed by Desmonda Cathabel, who’s powerful performance gave us a new dimension to the character, and with songs such as ‘These Palace Walls’, ‘A Million Miles Away’ and the iconic award-winning ‘A World New World’, it displayed her incredible level of talent, leaving the audience with goosebumps.

Photo Credit: Deen Van Meer

And who could forget the all-powerful Genie, portrayed by Yeukayi Ushe. What a performance! His hilarious, quick-witted and often sassy portrayal of this character couldn’t have been done better. Commanding the stage and capturing the audiences hearts. 

Another duo who deserve a special mention has to be Adam Strong, as the malevolent Jafar and his squawking sidekick Iago, portrayed by Angelo Paragoso. Their quick-witted dynamic onstage was hilarious, and Angelo Paragoso’s physical comedy had the audience in stitches.

Photo Credit: Deen Van Meer

The rest of the cast, Jo Servi as Sultan, Nay-Nay as Kassim, Adam Taylor as Omar, Nelson Bettencourt as Babkak, and the ensemble, Hannah Amin, Dammi Aregbeshola, Rico Bakker, Daisy Barnett, Sarah Benbelaid, Erin Gisele Chapman, Tau-En Chien, Zac Frieze, Jared Irving, Sinead Kenny, James Lim, Harriet Millier, Luchia Moss, Aaron Elijah Patel, Abbie Platts, Joseph Poulton, Chris Ribz, Olivier Scheers, Kerry Spark, Ricardo Springs and Niko Wirachman. Often having such a large cast can overwhelm the stage and make it appear too busy, but for this show it had the opposite effect. Their incredible talent and high energy performances created an intoxicating atmosphere and helped create the magic on stage.

Photo Credit: Deen Van Meer

All in all, this show is the one to watch. For adults wanting to see a childhood classic brought to life on stage and for children to experience the magic for the first time. Filled with the iconic, award-winning songs such as ‘Arabian Nights’, ‘One Jump Ahead’, ‘Friend Like Me’, ‘A Whole New World’, ’Prince Ali’, and with new for-stage songs, such as ‘Proud Of Your Boy’, ‘A Million Miles Away’, ‘A Diamond In The Rough’ and ‘High Adventure’. Experience the magic of theatre like you’ve never seen it before. You won’t be disappointed!

Aladdin is at the Wales Millennium Centre until the 14th January, until moving on to their next tour location. Tickets are selling out fast, so get yours now

You can find out more information on what’s going on at the WMC on their websiteFacebook and Instagram.

And don’t forget to check out the official Aladdin tour websiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram!

All photos credits to Deen Van Meer