Edward Scissorhands: Review

An enchanting piece of gothic theatre. 

A true classic is brought to life on-stage in Matthew Bourne’s production of Edward Scissorhands at the Wales Millennium Centre and I was lucky enough to be invited to come along and review it.

Based on the Tim Burton masterpiece, with the hauntingly beautiful music by Danny Elfman and Terry Davies, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures Company takes on the heart-wrenching story of the incomplete boy who just wanted to find his place in a strange world. It’s a story I remember growing up with and so I was very interested to see how it would translate on stage. But this show was nothing short of magnificent. 

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

It is incredible how even with just movements and music, you can reveal complex emotions and entangled relationships. And often, I think, by not saying anything at all it pulled the audience further into the story, entwining us with the dancers on stage as the music and movement guided us through this bittersweet tale.

Something I loved about this production was how I didn’t expect to find it so funny. Which is often hard to do with no dialogue, but the physical comedy translated very well onstage and had the audience giggling through most of the show. 

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

A round-of-applause has to go to Liam Mower, who portrayed the iconic and beloved Edward Scissorhands. If you have seen the movie you’ll understand when I say he embodied the characters famed style of movement so perfectly. Mower somehow managed to play a notably clumsy and awkward character with extreme grace. It was no surprise the audience rose to their feet for his final bow. A true talent. And he was joined onstage by the Boggs family, Kerry Biggin as Peg Boggs (and Old Kim), Dominic North as Bill Boggs, Ashley Shaw as Kim Boggs and Xavier Andriambolanoro Sotiya as Kevin Boggs (and Little Edward). Ashley Shaw and Liam Mower have some incredible moments onstage together and their unlikely, longing romance was heartwarming to watch grow. 

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

The rest of the cast show immense talent: Nicole Kabera as Joyce Monroe, Luke Murphy as George Monroe/Funeral/TV Reporter, Megan Ferguson as Miss Bunny Monroe/Christmas Caroler/Topiary 1, Stephen Murray as Gerald Monroe/Topiary 2/ Christmas Caroler, Stephanie Billers as Mrs Charity Upton/Funeral/Topiary 3, Glenn Graham as Mayor Franklyn Upton III/Inventor, Jade Copas as Darlene Upton/Topiary 4/Xmas Bad , Ben Brown as James ‘Jim’ Upton, Carrie Willis as Tiffany Covitt/TV Reporter, Barnaby Quarendon as Brad Covitt/Topiary 5, Anna-Maria de Freitas as Candy Covitt/Cheerleader/Topiary 6/Caroler, Jamie Duncan-Campbell as Chase Covitt/Topiary 7/ Caroler, Mami Tomotani as Esmerelda Evereech/Funeral, Reece Causton as Rev Judas Evereech, Molly Shaw-Downie as Marilyn-Ann Evereech/Topiary 8/ Xmas Bad, Nikolas Shikkis as Gabriel Evereech/Topiary 9/Xmas Bad, Ben Bazeley as Ryan Gaibright/Funeral/Photographer, James Lovell as Todd Gaibright/Funeral/Topiary 10/Haircut reveal, Savannah Ffrench as Sanda Gaibright/Cheerleader/Topiary 11/Caroler and Xholindi Muci as Sheldon Gaibright/Topiary 12/Xmas Bad. 

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Having such a big cast can often be a disadvantage but Matthew Bourne was able to create something truly magical, with the entire cast helping to bring the story to life and invoke a feeling of wonderment. 

The set design was something I wasn’t expecting, the translation from screen to stage was executed very well. And the use of the layered drop screens gave the visual effects much more depth. When the snow fell and the iconic music theme played, it was bewitching. Matthew Bourne and his company have created something truly unique and is the perfect show for the whole family.

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

If you’re looking to be swept up into the world of mad science, acceptance, prejudice and the innocent of love then you can’t miss out on this theatre experience. 

Edward Scissorhands will be at the Millennium Centre until 23rd March and tickets are selling out fast so get yours now!

And for more information on what’s going on at the WMC you can visit their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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All photos by Johan Persson