Enjoy Christmas Without Breaking the Bank

We’re all tightening the purse strings a little this Christmas, and more than ever we are conscious of our energy usage. So we’ve put together some ways to cut the cost this year without dampening the Christmas spirit.

Conscious Gifting

There seems to be a negative association with buying things second hand, but it is a great way of buying cheaper gifts without sacrificing quality. Keep your eyes peeled for great festive deals around your local high street. And handmade gifts are always a cheaper, more special way to show someone you care.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is a big part of the day! With an enormous amount of food, the days of preparation and the time spent with the oven on full blast will cost you a fortune. We all use the correct portion sizes on any other day of the year, but that all seems to go out the window at Christmas. As lovely as all the food looks, you can only eat so much. And maybe ever consider alternative Christmas dinners? It doesn’t have to be a huge turkey that takes a day to cook.

Ditch the TV

It is very tempting, with all the Christmas movies and TV specials, to have the television on all day, even when it’s nothing but background noise. So maybe turn it off and listen to Christmas music instead, play some family boardgames, go for a bracing walk, or snuggle up in the living room and just simply enjoy each other’s company.

Not Just Lights

When we think of Christmas decorations, we often think of lights. We flood our houses with twinkling strings of red and green. This year, try using some alternative Christmas decorations, like tinsel, wreaths, holly and mistletoe. You can still keep your house looking festive, without spending a fortune.