Esteemed Local Organisations Support Woody’s Lodge for Normandy Cycling Adventure

As we navigate challenging times, charities close to our hearts are facing unprecedented struggles. Woody’s Lodge, an esteemed Welsh veterans’ charity based in both South and North Wales, is one such organisation that needs our support to continue its pivotal work. They offer a range of services to improve the well-being and quality of life of veterans across Wales, these include; dedicated assistance for physical and mental health, employment support, housing advice, and social activities.

For the past five years, Masons Moving Group has stood shoulder to shoulder with Woody’s Lodge, exemplifying how businesses can intertwine their operations with causes that truly matter. Fuelled by their unwavering dedication to the community, Welsh charities, and local events, Masons Moving Group has gone above and beyond in its efforts. Most recently, amidst their peak season, they lent one of their 12-ton trucks for Woody’s Lodge’s largest fundraising event, the Woody’s Lodge Normandy Battlefield Tours 2023.

The event was a 5-day cycling adventure across the historic region of Normandy, Northern France. Designed to honour those who played a pivotal role in ending World War 2 in Europe, participants cycled through the paths once trodden by these heroes, paying homage to the fallen.

The journey commenced at Southwark House in Hampshire. On the second day, the cyclists ventured into Normandy and spent the next three days exploring its iconic landmarks. Their adventure concluded at Grandcamp-Maisy, located in the scenic coastal village of Maisy.

Throughout this expedition, participants had the opportunity to witness and appreciate several attractions. These included the Pegasus Bridge, Bayeux Cathedral, La Pont Du Hoc, and the St. Mere Eglise Liberation Monument. Additionally, the route took them through significant memorials and museums such as the Royal Military Police Museum, D-Day Underwater Wreck Museum, and Classic Military Museum.

The group’s ethos finds its roots in the life of its founder, Eric Mason, a proud Royal Air Force (RAF) veteran whose lifelong commitment to supporting the military has deeply influenced Masons Moving Group’s values. Together with his wife, Esme Mason, they devoted their lives to ensuring that Masons Removals wasn’t just a business, but a beacon of community support, especially for those who served Wales.

During the recent Woody’s Lodge event, the company not only provided a truck but also ensured its smooth operation through their dedicated HGV driver, Justin Enticknap, who himself had been a reservist. Justin’s role was instrumental in the event’s success, from logistical support to assisting the riders and catering team.

Woody’s Lodge CEO Graham Jones (left), David Stanley Moore (middle) and Director at Oncree Digital Sarah Mason (right) at Café Gondrée, Bénouville, France

In a parallel show of support, Sarah Mason, a family member, and Director of ONCREE Digital, Mason’s marketing agency, took on a 165-mile cycle challenge, honouring the legacy of Eric and Esme Mason. Sarah’s pro bono work with Woody’s Lodge and her drive to raise both funds and awareness demonstrates the wider community’s potential to make a difference.

Woody’s Lodge chairman Graham Jones expressed his heartfelt gratitude stating, “A big thank you to Masons Moving Group, ONCREE, Sarah, and Justin for their unwavering support for our Welsh veterans. Their contributions are pivotal in helping us further our mission and support more veterans in dire need.”

Now, more than ever, we call upon our community to rally together. Whether it’s through donations, volunteering, or participating in local fundraising events, every bit counts. Woody’s Lodge and countless other charities rely on community support to survive and thrive. By coming together, we can ensure these vital organisations continue their invaluable work, touching and transforming lives.

Click here to find out more about Woody’s Lodge and the work they do in supporting, mentoring and signposting veterans, emergency services, reservists and their families.