Exercise: ‘Enjoyment with Intensity’- A New Gym Opens in Global Link Building

A new gym is opening up in Cardiff Bay in the Global Link Building, offering a new type of fitness to the town. Benjamin Noel is bringing his own brand to his clients, giving them a new way to keep in shape. We spoke to Benjamin about his upcoming opening and how it all began.

“After I’d just graduated university and I was doing my PT qualification. I didn’t want to sit behind a desk, that wasn’t for me, and I knew I loved PT. I’d experienced it before myself, so I knew it was something I wanted to do.”

Owner Benjamin Noel

Benjamin continued to work in Pure Gym, gaining experience and working up a client base. But after running through a park one day, the idea came to mind. “I remember running through and just thinking what an amazing place for a bootcamp.” After this, Benjamin worked very hard to put his business model together and in September 2019, B42 was created.

“I got all my clients to do it for some exposure and it kicked off really well but that February 2020 lockdown happened. But to be surprise, lockdown was probably the birth of the business. The government put a scheme for outdoor exercise, and so I was given a grant to buy equipment.”

Throughout lockdown, Benjamin continued to build up his business. Growing the client based introducing new programmes and classes. 

In talking about what his sessions are like, Benjamin expresses how his clients have been surprised about how fun it in. “The word ‘bootcamp’ screams military and so a lot of people get put off but that. They imagine me standing there, shouting at them while doing a very intense workout. But we were do there is quite wacky, and every session is not the same, and that’s why people love it. And that’s why I enjoy it as well, it keeps me on my toes.

B42 Coaches

“That’s why it works. As coaches, we don’t go in there screaming and shouting. It’s genuinely a laugh. It’s what I call, ‘exercise: enjoyment with intensity’. My clients don’t realise how intense the class is getting because they’re having fun.”

Benjamin talks about how important his clients well-fair is to him. Having seen the effects of poor training, leading to a lack of motivation can do, he wanted to create a different kind of fitness environment and put together something that people want to come back to. 

B42 is a set amount of classes delivered over a six-week period, each session running for 42 minutes. There are 6 programmes available, ranging for all abilities and fitness goals. “This is not a gym, it’s a space where people can come and experience something new, enjoy themselves and become part of a community.” 

The new B42 space at the Global Link building, officially opened a few days ago! You can head over to his website to find out more, www.bootcamp42.co.uk .