Find Your Forever Friend

Are you ready to welcome a loyal companion into your life? Each of these wonderful dogs has a unique story and is looking for a forever home. Full of energy and affection, these furry friends have so much love to give. If you are interested in any of these adorable pooches, please contact Cardiff Dog’s Home for further information.


Approximately 3 years old

Myka came into our care as a stray with no owner to claim her. Sadly her ears were harshly cropped just to achieve a certain look- which she didn’t ask for. Myka is seeking a peaceful and loving environment where she can unwind. Given her adjustment period, we believe a home with adults only would be most suitable. Once comfortable, she is a true sweetheart. She loves being tucked in at night and is happiest when sleeping or rolling around in the field.


Approximately 5 years old

Holly is a large German shepherd who came into our care after being found wandering alone. She walks well on the lead, and will check to make sure you are keeping up. She is fast-paced and can sometimes be strong on lead if she spots something interesting in the distance.

Holly is full of love, is young at heart and loves cuddles. She’s a dream! She may be able to live with children and other dogs.


5 years old

Becky is a sweet and goofy girl who has been through a traumatic experience. She has made progress in her confidence and socialisation, but still requires careful management and patience. She prefers to walk with a friend and can be overwhelmed by new people. With a slow transition and commitment from her new humans, Becky will thrive.

She is a sassy babe and has a lot of love to give. We would be happy to do inductions with resident neutered male dogs who are respectable and calm. Please be advise Becky will require multiple introductions at the centre.



Loki, a young and beautiful Border Collie, is a nervous but promising pup who has made significant progress. With ongoing training and socialisation, he will thrive in a quiet home with calm children and other neutered dogs who are of similar energy. We would also be happy to introduce resident felines.

Due to his high energy and intelligence, he requires plenty of mental and physical stimulation, making him a great fit for dog sports like agility. With proper care and attention, Loki will blossom with a wonderful companion. Knowledge of the breed is key.

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