Green Giraffe Day Nursery: Nurturing a Love For Learning in a Haven of Joy and Discovery

Every good nursery has its own ethos and you may as well find that, as soon as you come through the door, you can feel it.

As you walk around, you can hear snatchers of conversation, laughter and singing. You can see staff who are involved with the children, chatting, playing, encouraging with gentle loving care.

You can smell freshly-cooked, organic food, or see a tray of healthy snacks going past on its way to one of the rooms. The playrooms are designed to be home-like. There are interesting wooden toys and natural resources, picture books and games, and the garden is safe and welcoming, and full of potential for adventures.

There are lots of exciting Montessori resources which are used as a basis not just for play, but for learning how to make friends, to share and to empathise with others. There are lots of opportunities for children to explore and have freedom of choice and movement in a prepared Montessori environment, to pursue their own interest and enjoy their achievement.

There is enough structure and discipline for everyone to feel safe, secure and valued and for every voice to be heard.

Above all you feel that the nursery encourages children to flourish and naturally inspires them to the love of learning.

The Green Giraffe Nursery, Medium Employer of the Year
at the Cambrian Training Awards 2024

If you would like to enquire and book a viewing at our lovely new setting, please call our enquiries team on 029 2022 6806 or email us at We are looking forward to welcoming more children to our Green Giraffe family!

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