Grounds for Good Introduce Their New Gin!

We may have missed #WorldGinDay but that didn’t stop us from celebrating Grounds for Good’s delicious new creation, London Dry Gin! This coffee based, yet caffeine-free gin is their latest product that you just have to try!

Amy and Rosie, the co-founders of Grounds for Good, are both successful beauty entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals in their fields. They both share a passion for natural, vegan and clean wellbeing. 

The use of reused coffee grounds and their powerhouse extracts, might sound very strange. But with coffee being as popular as it is, these large amounts of coffee grounds are being left in landfill sites, giving off harmful Methane gas. But by utilising their years of experience, they have created their brand Grounds for Good.

But the great environmental work they do isn’t the only amazing thing about Grounds for Good. Profits made from their products will go to The Wallich; a National charity supporting homeless individuals across Wales and their rehabilitation back into employment.

You can find out more about The Wallich here!

Grounds for Good do some amazing work, so we were are all very excited when they introduced their new London Dry Gin- a unique gin with a sustainable twist!

“GFG London Dry Gin No.1 is our first offering in this range. It is a refined fusion of Juniper and other aromatics perfectly balanced with a delicious tangy citrus. Finishing off with a subtle smokiness that can only come from coffee grounds. Lovingly distilled in Wales.”

You can purchase your Grounds for Good Gin here! Don’t miss out.