Grounds For Good Joins Forces With Pembrokeshire Gold In a Bid to ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’

Penarth-based, sustainable start-up, Grounds For Good/GFG and Pembrokeshire business, Pembrokeshire Gold, have collaborated on an exciting new product. Their Welsh Coffee Infused, extra virgin, Rapeseed Oil is due to be launched next month and will be showcased at the prestigious BlasCymru/TasteWales in the ‘new product’ category.

This oil fusion is entirely new to the retail market and packs both flavour and health benefits. Premium rapeseed oil is receiving a well-deserved boost in popularity, especially amongst those who are looking for healthier food options and sustainable provenance. 

Rapeseed oil has the least amounts of saturated fats at 6% which compares favourably with other oils, including olive oil at 12%. It has both poly- and mono-unsaturated fats which are known to both decrease our circulating ‘bad fats’ and boost our ‘good fats’, respectively.  Mono-unsaturated fats also control blood sugar levels. Rapeseed oil is packed with Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. In fact, just one tablespoon of rapeseed oil, gives us around 1/6 of our daily total requirement! This is around 4 times the amount that olive oil contains.

Dr Rosie Oretti (Founder and Director of GFG) stated ‘We have been big fans of rapeseed oil for many years. Not only is it great to eat but it also has amazing direct skin benefits. We use this oil in our Coffee Body Polish range. It is an oil which is well absorbed by the skin and adds both moisture and nutrients. The antioxidants are also great for reversing the signs of skin ageing’. 

If this still isn’t enough to convince you then read on! 

Like all things, the quality of rapeseed oil can vary but, this is where Pembrokeshire Gold literally shine. Their stunning, award winning, rapeseed oil is lovingly grown; harvested; traditionally cold-pressed; infused; and then bottled on Park Farm by Harry Thomas and his family. Harry comes from a long line of farmers and they have their own range of award winning rapeseed oils for retail. 

Harry (owner of Pembrokeshire Gold) stated ‘We are delighted to be able to work with Grounds for Good and bring their Coffee Infused Rapeseed Oil to life. We produce our Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil from seed to bottle on our family farm and sustainability is at our heart; so it is great that Grounds for Good can use spent coffee grounds for this superb, versatile oil.’ This oil is truly a farm to fork product.

GFG launched in 2021 and their mission is to collect spent coffee grounds, diverting them from landfill, and repurpose them into innovative and exciting products. Rosie stated ‘we are a nation that loves our coffee! In the UK alone, it is estimated that thousands of tonnes of spent coffee grounds end up in landfill. Under these conditions, they release methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. We asked ourselves the question- what if your cup of coffee could do good? That’s what we do-we transform this waste food product into new food and drink which we hope is both disruptive and exciting. In our latest food & drink offering, we have infused the rapeseed oil with our spent coffee grounds to give a delicious oil with both nutty and smoky notes’.

Spent coffee grounds can be used in many ways in the kitchen. The grounds contain tannic acid and when rubbed into meat, acts as both a tenderiser and flavour enhancer. It is particularly yummy on BBQ food. It was these applications that sparked the idea for a ready to use coffee oil. Rapeseed oil is ultra versatile and ideal for dressings, dipping, baking, marinades and roasting! GFG believe that their coffee infused oil will also find a place amongst afficionados of ‘bulletproof coffee’- as a healthier replacement for other fats.

Rapeseed oil is one of the most sustainable oils that can be used. It is grown extensively throughout the UK and therefore, carries much less of a carbon footprint. This collaboration, by two neighbouring Welsh businesses, is a true example of sustainability in practice.

The GFG Coffee Infused Rapeseed Oil will be available from their website next month. If you are a retail outlet who would like to stock this oil then please get in touch

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