Kitten Chronicles- A New Cat Owner

Welcoming a new kitten into the home is such an exciting experience but can also be quite challenging. Having recently adopted a new kitten, I will share with you some of my experiences and advice.

Firstly, I would always recommend adopting from a rehoming centre or charity before considering purchasing a kitten. Many are full to bursting point and are in desperate need of foster and forever homes. Be prepared for the financial commitment of owning a pet and research both veterinary practices and insurance companies. After your kitten’s first visit, many veterinary practices will be able to issue you with a month’s free pet insurance while you research the policy that suits your needs. So, let’s meet Henrik…

Henrikproper noun.

Henrik is a masculine name of German origin, meaning “ruler of the home” or “lord of the house”.

Derived from the Old Germanic word heim, which translates to home, and rihhi meaning “ruler” or “powerful”.

WEEK 1- “My First Vaccination

Vaccinations are important to protect your pet against infectious diseases. However, the health check performed by your vet is a hugely important part of this and should be carried out annually. A parasite regime can also be discussed with your vet.

WEEK 2- “I settled into my new home”

Make sure they have essential amenities like a quiet litter box, and separate food and water areas. I offer a mix of dry and wet kitten food and consider various water sources, including a water fountain.

WEEK 3- “I got my microchip

This is often done while under anaesthetic for neutering, but Henrik is an escape artist, and he actually tolerated having it done early very well! I would not advise letting your cat outside until they are fully vaccinated, have had a microchip implanted, and they are neutered.

“My second vaccination and exploring every inch of my new home, destroying things as I go!”

Make sure you remove any toxic plants from their environment and make your home as kitten proof as possible.

WEEK 5- “Apparently, I need to brush my teeth”

Brushing a cat’s teeth can be challenging but if started at an early age they will often tolerate it. Make sure it is an enjoyable experience for them and try and build it into their daily routine. I recommend a soft child’s toothbrush, and consider an eco-friendly bamboo one!

WEEK 6- “Destroying the soft furnishings”

Although this can be frustrating it is part of your cat’s natural behaviour to bite and scratch while they learn to control the use of their mouth and claws. Providing scratching posts and toys will not only protect your furniture but also your hands! Their hunting instincts start at a young age, and from ten weeks old they will require toys that allow them to stalk, pounce, bite, and grasp. A variety of toys help accommodate each behaviour.

“In the coming weeks I will be visiting the vets to be castrated. but we have come to a deal — it means I am allowed to explore the outdoors!”

Neutering your cat is an important part of cat ownership to minimise unwanted litters and with male cats also reduce them spraying and straying.

Happy cat ownership, and as someone once said…“dogs have owners, cats have staff!”

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