Maths and English Tutoring at Kip McGrath

Are you seeking professional academic support for your child? Look no further! Kip McGrath Canton and Pontcanna is your trusted partner in providing high quality tuition to unlock your child’s full potential.

Our team of expert teachers

We are a small team of highly qualified teachers who are committed to supporting and guiding your
child on their educational path.

Quality lessons at the heart of our mission

Quality lessons are at the core of everything we do. Our lessons are designed to be engaging, interactive, and promote a genuine love for learning in every child. We believe that when education is fun, students excel!

Face-to-face or online learning

Flexibility is key, and we offer both in-person and online lessons to cater to your child’s unique needs.

Consistency with the same tutor

At Kip McGrath, we understand the importance of building a strong student- teacher relationship. That’s why we ensure that your child works with the same dedicated tutor week after week. Whether it’s in-centre or online, your child will receive personalised and tailored maths or English lessons for maximum progress.

Join the Kip McGrath family today and watch your child flourish academically! We’re here to make learning enjoyable, effective, and accessible. To find out more, visit our website or call Gruff today to arrange a free no obligation assessment.

“We’ve noticed not only an improvement in our child’s school achievements, but more importantly, an improvement in his overall confidence levels.”- Kate, mum of Jack