Maths and English Tutoring at Kip McGrath

As the new school year approaches, you may be reflecting on your child’s summer exam results or school report. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Now is the perfect time to kick-start your child’s education with some extra support.

Who is Kip McGrath Canton and Pontcanna perfect for?

  • Children who have missed out on learning during term time due to absence or illness.
  • Children who have struggled to grasp topics in Maths, English or reading during term time.
  • Children who lack confidence and need a boost to make sure they are ready for the new school year.
  • Children whose parents feel they will benefit from keeping their brains active over the summer months.

Kip McGrath is here to help, no matter what your child’s unique needs may be. We’ve been empowering young minds for over 40 years and firmly believe that all children can progress, if given the correct support.

All Kip McGrath tutors are qualified teachers, equipped with curriculum-aligned resources. To start your child’s journey with us, we provide a free assessment to accurately determine their current academic standing compared to their year level expectations. Based on this assessment, you child’s dedicated tutor will create a personalised learning plan to help them achieve their learning goals.

Our tutoring sessions are structured to maximise engagement and growth. They can take place at our tuition centre on Cathedral Road or online from the comfort of your own home. During the lessons, your child will receive the individual attention they deserve to thrive and shine.

So, seize the moment and invest in your child’s future. Let Kip McGrath Canton and Pontcanna be the guiding light on their educational path. Together, we’ll ensure your child not only catches up but also surpasses their potential. Get in touch with us today to arrange your free assessment.

“Every day I went to school and I’d be the last person to finish maths. I really didn’t understand what I was meant to be doing. Since stating at Kip McGrath, I can ask for help and talk about things I don’t understand.”

You can call Kip McGrath Canton and Pontcanna on 029 2019 8811 or email them at