Nurturing Every Student

Head of School, Joanne Chinnock, illuminates Westbourne’s exceptionally nurturing and supportive approach.

Over recent years, Westbourne has seen rapid expansion across three continents, with schools now in the UK, Sydney, Singapore and, launching imminently, Mumbai. But alongside this pioneering international network, uniting students across the world, the smaller class sizes and personalised attention for which we have long been known here in Penarth remain intact.

Smaller class sizes, better results

With classes capped at a maximum of 18 pupils in the Prep and 20 in the Senior School, pupils have more space to develop their own voice, with the freedom to ask questions and engage more closely with teachers. Students get the most out of every lesson, and feel more confident to tackle independent study.

This elevated level of teacher-pupil support runs throughout the whole school, and is particularly important at key transition periods such as the leap from Year 6 to 7 when students are naturally trepidatious about the move us to secondary education.

“Because there are less people in the class, the teachers focus more on you, which really makes you feel like you’re a big part of the lesson. It makes me feel that I matter.”

-Eve, Year 7

More tailored personal support

At Westbourne, every pupil is treated as an individual, supported one-to-one to achieve their personal best. Alongside academic support, our dedicated pastoral team works hard to ensure that every child feels secure and cared for in their learning journey, and that they understand where to turn if they need any additional support.

Feeling valued on a personal level means they are more ready to take on leadership positions, such as on our school council, and get more involved with school clubs and the diverse extra-curricular opportunities that we offer.

A happy, inclusive community

We run initiatives throughout the year prioritising mental health- such as our upcoming Wellness Week- a really fun week of activities both on and off campus designed to promote wellbeing, from artist workshops, to coastal water sports and even DJing!

We are fiercely proud of our school community, founded on safety, inclusivity, and respect for all students, regardless of their background or identity. We strive to ensure that this is a place where every student feels valued, feels that they can be themselves and play an active role in school life.

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