On Loss and Damage

Taking its title from the Julie’s Bicycle seminar of the same name, On Loss and Damage brings together seven artists whose work puts the urgency of the climate crisis, what can be restored, and what can be lost into context through installation, video, photography and painting. On Loss and Damage encourages visitors to take a hopeful look at the landscape, inspiring climate justice and sharing how artistic practice has, and will always continue to inform, encourage an advocate for a more holistic appreciation of what is at stake.

Mohamed Hassan brings together multiple formats of his photography practice, sharing chapters of landscape, portraiture, documentary and personal archive from Wales and Egypt, reflecting on identity, autobiography and place.

New work from Mari Wirth celebrates the local flora and fauna through paper-cut works and a workbook of local knowledge for young visitors including the former Salmon Leap in Dinas Powys, highlighting the fragility of our wildlife.

For the first time since it was painted in 1897, British impressionist Alfred Sisley‘s The Cliff at Penarth, Evening, Low Tide will return to Penarth, a short walk from where it as initially created.

In a newly-commissioned installation, Rebecca Wyn Kelly draws on the sublime and the miraculous to expose the vulnerability of people and places affected by climate and water injustice.

Collaborative poetry film, Gathering: Women of Colour and Nature by Durre Shahwar & Kandace Siobhan Walker explores the way in which we define and create our identities within nature, and the safe spaces we seek out in an increasingly unsafe world.

Internettide 1 (Global Warming) by Terry Setch, collages multiple compositions received online, as rich and indistcriminate as the jetsam and refuse deposited on the foreshore at Penarth, a consistent metaphor and frequently literal source of material of his work.

The losses and damages to the climate affect our relationships, health, identities, spirituality, and sense of the civic. This exhibition alongside a series of public event hope to develop locally-driven knowledge to address environmental loss and damage through person-centred, active advocacy for our continued existence in our environment.