Prevent, Restore and Enhance Your Smile

Why should you visit the dentist?

Dentists not only provide dental treatment, they can prevent the need for it! Potential problems that can be spotted ahead of time include the onset of gum disease and dental decay. When it comes to your oral health, it is important that you are proactive and see a dentist regularly so that any issues can be prevented before they become a problem, which will help you save £’s in the future.

What sets Bay House aside from other dental practices?

Well, we are a family-run, independent dental practice that really puts patients first. A warm welcome awaits you from our team, and you can book an appointment with your chosen dentist at a time that is convenient to you.

Our dentists are highly trained and your dental care is their number one priority done in a relaxed and friendly manner. Our patients also travel from near and wide to see our hygienists, who really are first class. And despite being in central Cardiff, we have a car park for your convenience, taking away the stress of finding a parking spot before your appointment.

What are your popular treatments?

Primarily, we aim to be an excellent general dental practice, providing dental care for the very young to the young at heart, and our hygienist services are always very popular. Dental implant treatment (to replace missing teeth) is the future for those who have lost teeth, and orthodontic treatment (to straighten teeth) can give you that winning smile.

Complete your fresh look with a bespoke whitening system for that all-important sparkle.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes! New and nervous patients are very welcome! We have excellent availability with early morning and some evening appointments too. For those not too fond of the dentist, giving us a call is the first step, then let us make your visit as stress free as possible.

Will patients be up-sold lots of cosmetic treatment?

Practice owner Dr Imran Nathoo says, “you will never be sold anything you don’t need, but you will get the care and attention you do need to get you the smile you deserve. We look forward to welcoming you.”