Shining Smiles at Y Bont Faen Dental Surgery

Meryl Cubley sat down with Lara and Nathan of Y Bont Faen Dental Surgery to find out a little more about the dentistry power couple who are helping Cowbridge smiles shine a lot brighter.

Why and when did you both decide on dentistry?

Lara: I first considered dentistry when I was 12 years old because I had quite a lot of crowding in my teeth and needed braces for four years. This made such a difference to my self-confidence that I decided I wanted to do that for other people!

Nathan: I didn’t know I wanted to be a dentist for as long as Lara. For me it was looking into what jobs I could use my skill set with, as I enjoyed science and working with people, and wanted something that would marry the two. Once I found dentistry it was a perfect fit and I love my job!

Are you local to Cowbridge?

Lara: We live locally and love the area and the community. We love getting involved in everything that seems to be going on and spend most of our free time in Cowbridge. It’s always lovely to spot patients.

Do you have a passion for dentistry?

Nathan: Yes definitely! We try not to talk about it too much outside of work! We love to learn and keep our skills current. I have just finished my postgraduate certificate in orthodontics so I can treat more complex cases.

What would you sat is the one thing that will shape the future of dentistry?

We are in a dental revolution and dentistry has changed so much in the last ten years. We now have a digital scanner which can send scans of your teeth directly to any lab, eliminating the need for the awful impressions patients had to endure. It can also show simulations of how we can change your smile using your own teeth!

In the near future, we will be able to diagnose decay from scans in early stages and possibly reduce the need for x-rays. 3D printing is also coming along and we may be able to create models of your teeth or temporary crowns in the practice while you wait!