Shop Local Bingo: Christmas 2022

Christmas is just around the corner. As we gear up for the festive season, one thing’s for certain; there’s some shopping to do. But instead of hopping straight onto Amazon, why not head out and explore your local high street? You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Shop Local Bingo is a fun and easy way to shop locally this Christmas season. We’ve created a bingo game — a list of every product you might be looking for this Christmas, to encourage you to venture out to your local high street and see how many of these products you can find in your favourite independent businesses. 

Our game will inspire you to think local. This Christmas, independent businesses need you more than ever. So instead of running straight to Amazon or other big-box stores, we’re asking you to think local and shop local. Trust us when we say that you’ll be able to find everything you need at a much higher quality and with little price difference.

And we couldn’t let you have all the fun, so we’ve been going round some of our favourite local business to try and find some of these products (and get a bit of Christmas shopping done as well!)