Teeth Whitening at Bay House Dental

Are you searching for a brighter, whiter smile in Cardiff? Look no further than Bay House Dental Practice. Professional teeth whitening services at competitive pricing for over twenty years.

Achieving a brighter, more youthful smile can significantly enhance your confidence and take years off your look. Teeth whitening provides a cost-effective and swift solution to counteract the appearance of darkened or yellowing teeth. Bay House Dental Practice offers various teeth whitening options, from take-home kits to personalised treatments for individuals with sensitive teeth. The first step is giving Bay House Dental Practice a call!

We asked the practice owner and Lead Dentist, Dr Imran Nathoo, some of the more common questions about teeth whitening:

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is a safe procedure that minimises the risk of sensitivity and ensures the best results. The procedure is simple and painless. It typically involves applying a whitening gel to your teeth in a custom made tray to fit your teeth which you then wear overnight or for a few hours a day. Most patients experience little to no discomfort during the procedure. Any sensitivity is usually temporary and can be managed.

Does teeth whitening toothpaste work?

Teeth whitening toothpaste can help maintain your results after a professional treatment but may not be as effective on its own.

Is teeth whitening worth it?

Absolutely! A brighter smile can have a significant impact on your confidence and overall appearance, making it a very worthwhile investment.

Smile makeover with teeth whitening

Combine teeth whitening with other cosmetic dental treatments for a complete smile makeover. Contact us to discuss a customised plan to achieve your dream smile.

Book a teeth whitening consultation

With Bay House Dental Practice, you can have the white teeth you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. After an examination, we’ll talk you through the recommended whitening procedure to brighten your smile safely and affordably.