Today is the Day

Today is the day. What will you do differently today? When thinking about making a change, a year always starts with T.O.D.A.Y.


Where does the time go? It’s March already? I bet they are questions you’ve pondered on several times this year already. Here’s another one: “Busy, you know. I’m so busy.” Do you wear your busyness as a badge of honour? Are you filling your days, your evenings, your weekends? Life is non-stop. This isn’t healthy. This filling of time, this doing things all the time doesn’t truly fulfil us. It empties us, and it exhausts us. There are things we need to do, of course. Take time to just be. Enjoy today. Stop.

It’s easier than you think.


What are the good things in life? What makes you feel good about yourself? You may know where I’m going with this: take out the things that don’t serve you! Does spending five hours a day doom-scrolling on your phone serve you? Do five coffees a day serve you, and I mean, truly benefit you? Someone told me that they feel better having omitted vegan meat from their diet. That was no surprise to me. So, what processed junk food can you leave on the shelf?


Here, I’m not talking skydiving or bungee jumping at all. We like our comfort zones and it’s called that for a reason. It’s familiar, there are no surprised. We know what to expect when we’re in our comfort zones. But, what happens when we pop out of our comfort zones? It’s scary, because outside our comfort zones is where personal growth happens. If you’re content, by all means, carry on, but if you want change, then step out, do the thing that scares you and recap the reward.


Look around. There’s an abundance of beauty, history and nature. Do we appreciate what is on our doorstep? Do we take time out to go to the places nearby that fulfils us? There is an abundance of local businesses in our area. Are we supporting our local entrepreneurs? Are we referring people to local businesses? We can generate a greater abundance in our area when we invest in it.


Are you investing in yourself? You are your greatest asset. Are you looking after everyone else’s interests and neglecting yourself? Wheres your me time? When is your ‘down tools’ time? Peace and quiet need not be a luxury. It may be as simple as a candlelit bath, a walk to the beach, reading a chapter of your current book, or watching a film. Remind yourself that you are important.

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