Top Tinnitus Expert to Visit Cardiff for Special Free Event

It is estimated that 10-15% of the population experience tinnitus- a ringing, roaring, whooshing or chirping sound in the ears. However, while there is no cure, scientific research has proven that real tinnitus relief is possible.

To help those with tinnitus gain much more knowledge about the condition, one local hearing care company is organising a one-off event in February, for people to meet one of the UK’s leading experts on tinnitus.

Cardiff Hearing, which has clinics in Cowbridge, Ely and Taffs Well, has organised the Cardiff Tinnitus Show, which forms part of the Tinnitus Awareness Week 2023. Key note speaker at the event will be Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychology Society, Dr James Jackson. He studied a PhD in Psychology where his doctorate considered the effects of tinnitus on concentration and task performance. James has also helped to develop a therapeutic app for the condition.

James will share how his personal hearing loss and tinnitus journey fuelled his passion for learning how to support people suffering from tinnitus, offer tips for managing tinnitus and touch on the research that is taking place to find a cure.

Also speaking at the event will be Cardiff Hearing’s Lead Audiologist and Owner, Sonja Jones and Dr Ed Farrar, co-creator of Oto, a well-being app designed to help manage tinnitus.

Sonja tells us that she meets patients every day in her clinic who really struggle with their tinnitus: “So many patients say to me that they’ve been told by their GP or other medical professionals that there is nothing that can be done to help them with their tinnitus. This simply isn’t true and there is plenty that can be done. Information is power, and by organising this event my hope is that people will go away feeling empowered and confident that they can take control of their tinnitus.”

This free-to-attend event will be held on Friday 10th February 2023 (10:30am-12:30pm) at St Peters Hall in Cardiff City Centre.

Places are very limited, and must be booked in advance by visiting: