What Makes Cardiff’s Own Nestlings Nurseries Multi-Award Winning?

Nestlings Nursery has been awarded a bunch of shiny awards since opening their original setting in 2019, but what’s the secret sauce that makes this childcare gem stand out from the pack?

The company prioritises sustainability and eco-friendliness by exclusively using toys, equipment and resources crafted from natural materials, minimising the use of plastic. Every meal is carefully planned, organic and prepared daily from scratch. Ingredients are sourced locally from organic famers.

Practitioners avoid using shock tactics regarding the environment and instead incorporate happy eco-friendly practices and activities into normal nursery daily life. Studies have shown that the routine and regular activities children engage in during their early years of life are more likely to be continued into their later life.

The company utilises an online parent app to share all the details from their child’s daily diary, including photos and observations, to monthly invoicing. This approach helps reduce paper consumption and printing materials as well as allowing the families to be more involved in Nursery life.

Each nursery location holds frequent stay-and-play events for parents and caregivers to engage in, learn, interact, exchange experiences, discover and gather ideas for home life. Following a recent presentation at a conference by author Elliott Rae, known for his work on the diversity of modern fatherhood, the organisation has decided to introduce dedicated sessions exclusively for fathers. Keep an eye out for these sessions if you are a new dad or perhaps an experienced father looking for a space to engage in “dad talk”.

The company provides personalised wellness plans for employees, focusing on well-being at work as well as home-life if requested. The business provides a safe space for disclosures and managers are supported and trained in providing relevant information and help where and when needed for their teams and families. Employees receive customised training plans, opportunities for salary increases through a fantastic reward scheme AND the company hosts an annual Wellness Weekend away for team bonding, relaxation and fun activities.

But at the core of the business is the children’s wellbeing, ensuring they have the best possible start in life. Each day is carefully planned for in advance to ensure every child receives stimulation and high quality education through purposeful, fun child-led activities. By offering additional support to the staff and families involved with each child, Nestlings Nursery believes they are giving the children in their care, the best they can, a sentiment reinforced by the numerous awards they have received.

Find out more at www.nestlingsnursery.co.uk.