The Perfect Time to Start is Now

January, February…and those new year’s resolutions. Dark, cold days and misery all over the news means it’s hard to muster the get fit and healthy motivation you need to stick to those promises you made to yourself. Give yourself some grace, though, if you didn’t see those resolutions through. There’s a great reason for it! Science!

You see, we haven’t really moved on that much from our cave-people ancestors, evolutionarily speaking. During the bitter winter, they would be hunkering down under heavy fur skins, keeping fires lit, sheltered, and with bellies full of fattening meats. So the fact that we fight our instincts to curl up on sofa with blankets and hearty stews and snuggle down, and actually rock up to workout, move our bodies, try to eat healthily and function is, actually, quite a big thing!

However, have you set yourself a new start date to kick it all off again? Are you starting a sofa to 5k challenge, and waiting for those lighter evenings before you go? Are you waiting for the next pay day before you sign up with a gym, or trainer? Have you already set a date to start, and have already set a date to start, and have already had to shift that date to a new date?! Did life get in the way? Did something sabotage your start?

The thing is, you see- and I hate to break it to you- but there will never be the perfect time. The planets won’t magically align next Monday and banish all your life’s distractions. Things will still happen and pull your focus away from what you have set out to begin.

What we know for sure is…the only time we really have, is now. Right here. This minute. The next one isn’t guaranteed. So, start now. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need to have everything lined up ready to go. Take imperfect action. Some sort of action is better than no action.

Put your trainers on- no matter the weather, or the day, or the time. Get that first day of your sofa to 5k challenge done! Book that wellbeing appointment at the gym. Get that new training programme. Lift that first dumbbell. Take that first plunge into the pool. Twirl your first Zumba steps. Breathe through your first down dog.

Because, even though there are 365 days in a year, there really is no day but today.

Top 5 Tips To Kickstart

(1) Set out your workout kit before you go to bed. Put it on first thing when you wake up and aim to have done your first workout or exercise activity within the first two hours of waking. Get up. Get it done. There are fewer distractions!

(2) Be accountable! Report back to a supportive friends, or trainer if you’re working with one. Ask them to challenge you and to hold you to keep the promise you’ve made to yourself.

(3) Rope in a friend or family member to get strong and healthy with you! Strengthen those relationships as well as your body!

(4) Choose something you enjoy! Turning up for that run, walk, training is half the battle! Once you’ve won the war, (that day anyway!)

(5) Don’t overthink it! Just go it!