From Lone Wolf to Team Player

Exercising alone can be a liberating experience. Whether that’s out walking or running alone, taking in your surroundings, plugging in your earphones and getting some much needed head space, or lifting some heavies in front of the mirror, keeping an eye on your form and sweating out some serious stress! It could be the only time that you have to yourself, to recalibrate, to reassess, and to regroup. If you’ve been with other people all day, your lone-workout may be the only time you get to just breathe and be.

But, what if you joined others in the same situation as you, wanting the same outcome? To feel less stressed, less overwhelmed and to feel more like themselves? What if you are collectively worked out to the same beat, moved to the same rhythm, and released all those happy hormones at the same time?

Did you know that group exercise is one of the most effective ways to get fit, lose weight, build a better body and sustain a healthy lifestyle?

If you haven’t tried it before, you really are missing out. By including group exercise as part of your exercise programme you can reap the rewards!

A Qualified Fitness Expert At Your Disposal

Possibly the best thing about group exercise is the professional guidance! Unlike working out alone at the gym, attending a class is like having a personal trainer, making it an affordable way to spend time with someone who can assist you in achieving your fitness goals

Work It!

Attending a group exercise class may make you work harder! Studies show that the combination of a teacher shouting- I mean gently using their encouraging voice- and people’s natural competitiveness, means when you attend a class you tend to push harder than when working out alone. With others around you performing the same workout, it becomes challenging to skip that final repetition or maintain a slower pace.

It’s Super Easy

Because someone else is responsible for planning the workout you don’t have to think about a thing. Just turn up, follow the routine, leave. Workout done! And with a trained professional watching over you, they can correct poor technique. Bonus!

Your Vibe Is Your Tribe

Regular attendance at classes allows people to build up camaraderie and even friendships with fellow class mates- they become like a tribe to you, and it is great to enjoy the experience with like-minded people.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

In a gym setting, you may often end up repeating the same exercises or waiting for equipment to become available. However, group classes offer a solution by providing a diverse range of workouts to explore. One day, you can engage in cardio combat, punching and kicking; the next day, you can cycle in a spin class, followed by a strength session involving weightlifting, and even challenge yourself with chaturanga in a yoga class. There’s so much choice out there! You’re bound to find a session that you love!

And Most Of All…It’s Fun!

How can it not be? You’re listening to brilliant music with a group of great people while releasing feel good endorphins. Think of it like a little mini, albeit very sweaty, party. You’ll be burning calories almost without realising it, all while enjoying yourself. And the best thing? You can mix it up! Go Lone Wolf one day and Feel the Vibe of Your Tribe the next. There really are no rules when it comes to working out. My advice though? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!